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Hi Karen and Bill

I think it will be very engaging for my students, and I'm excited to try something new for the simple machines science units. The connection to literature seems like it will set a whole new purpose for a final project, and hopefully lead into new ways for us to think about solving problems in stories.

I really enjoyed the class, and if you offer any other 2 day classes as follow up either during the school year or next summer I would be interested.


Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Catherine   7/2012



Hi Karen,

Thanks again to you and Bill for a wonderful, engaging class.  I think you gave us some fabulous tools and strategies for incorporating engineering into our classrooms.  I'm excited to try things out this fall.  It's always great to add some new energy to your class, and I have always felt that we lack engineering strategies in classrooms today and it inhibits the kids' growth in approaching problem solving (in every aspect of their day).

I hope you have a relaxing summer!

Betsy , 7/2012


Hi Bill and Karen,  Thank you Karen for doing such a concise summary of our age group engineering instructions.  It's a usable document to share at our PLC leadership meeting tomorrow.  One representative from each grade level attends the leadership meeting to discuss with our principal the items we undertake the following week at our grade level PLC meetings.  With 5 classrooms for each grade level, K-5, this would be a nice way to promote the Engineering strand into more active use in our building.  Thanks again, and see you on Tuesday.




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